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Infant Observation Seminars


Psychotherapy training and further development
Infant Observation Seminars

Infant Observation can provide a very important basis for psychotherapy training or further development for a therapist.  It involves the study of a baby from birth until the age of two years.

The observer visits weekly for an hour (except for holidays) at a regular time.  The observer is there to observe the baby, not to advise, babysit or criticise in any way. The mother is asked to carry on as she normally would with the care of the baby and household tasks. Nevertheless the observer often becomes a very important part of the family in a holding role – which has parallels to the therapeutic relationship.

The observer brings the observations to a weekly seminar and hence is able to follow the development of the child he/she is observing and also those of other members of the group.  The material is treated as highly confidential and is not discussed with anyone outside the group.  At times it teaches the observer to experience and hold difficult emotional and anxiety states and not to interfere, but to see how they are resolved in the relationships between the parents and the child.

It is a deep learning experience for the observer in holding infantile states of mind and for the understanding of the psyche of the child and its development.  Hence the observer needs to be in therapy for the duration of the observation.

In my experience, these observations provide some of the most important and useful experiences for analysts, psychotherapists and counsellors, especially for those working with patients who are very regressed.

Applicants should be prepared to commit themselves to a half day a week, which includes the weekly seminar, an hour long observation in the baby’s home and writing up notes. The group is small, with 2-4 people, and the fee varies with the number of members in the group.

I run an ongoing weekly seminar on Tuesday evenings 5.30-7pm in Cambridge.  

0752-747 6878 or e-mail me.

Wendy J Bratherton | Professional Member of the Society of Analytical Psychology, London.
The seminar is approved by the SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology) and BPF (British Psychological Foundation – Jungian section).

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