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Wendy Bratherton | psychotherapist
Jungian analyst
Craniosacral therapist
Cambridge UK
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About Wendy Bratherton

About Wendy BrathertonWendy Bratherton

I have lived and worked in Cambridge most of my life.  In 1993 I completed my training with the Society of Analytical Psychology in London to become a Jungian Analyst, and this has been my principal focus ever since. I have a private practice in Cambridge where I work with adults and young people.  

In addition I supervise therapists working in my field, and I run Infant Observation seminars. I have also worked as a school therapist for 10 years, and prior to this, as a social worker and teacher.

I am particularly interested in birth trauma and psychosomatic illness. Analytic therapy has given me deep insight into the workings of the psyche.  However, I felt that I did not know enough about the way this affects the body.

This led me to work with Marion Woodman (a Canadian Jungian Analyst) who, together with a dance educator, Mary Hamilton, and a voice coach, Ann Skinner, developed ways of working with both body and psyche, rooted deeply in the psychology of C G Jung. Together they created BodySoul Therapy.

As a result of this, and following a dream I had, I trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which I have now been practising for over ten years. My interest in complementary medicine led to the setting up of the Cambridge Complementary Health Practice in 1994 and this is where my practice has been situated since then.

I've also trained with Babette Rothschild in trauma work. The work of Babette and in particular Peter Levine, is now woven into the BodySoul workshops I co-lead with Marian Dunlea, a Jungian Analyst and SE practitioner in Ireland.

I now work with Jungian Analysis and Craniosacral Therapy separately, though some people want both modalities and we may agree to do that. Some come after working as psychotherapists or after training, to integrate the psychological work in the body. Sometimes someone in psychotherapy may ask for some Craniosacral work alongside, to help them hold and contain the psychological work they're doing and integrate it.

I believe that there is a profound connection between mental, emotional and physical health. As Jung once said: "Soul and body are not two things, they are one".

I am married and we have four children who are adults now, with their own families.

In the past I have been a social worker and I taught sociology and ceramics to 16 year olds, when my own children were small.  Then I decided to retrain as an analyst at the SAP in London.

For enjoyment I love to walk in the country and by the sea.  I have an allotment in the country which I tend for lovely fresh vegetables. I also paint and do pottery.  One of my passions is for Qi Gong and T'ai Ch'i, which I have practised for thirty years.  I also do a meditation practice.

Thank you for visiting my website. Any questions, please contact me.

28 Ditton Walk, Cambridge CB5 8QE. Tel: 0752-747 6878
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