BodySoul Workshops - Wendy Bratherton | psychotherapist

Wendy Bratherton | psychotherapist
Jungian analyst
Craniosacral therapist
Cambridge UK
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BodySoul Workshops


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BodySoul Workshops

To attend a BodySoul Workshop, you need to have done some psychotherapy and body-work first.

BodySoul Therapy provides a way of bringing together and integrating psychotherapy and body work, creativity and neuroscience, attachment theory and spirituality.

During childhood, with the right kind of opportunities and upbringing, our sense of who we are can develop fully. This may enable us to express our unique potential and truly be ourselves.

But for many of us this does not happen and our lives are built upon a diminished and distorted sense of self, influenced by difficult experiences we've had or good experiences we didn't have, and by education, family and social pressures or a restrictive growing environment.

The unconscious doesn't sit still

Our true potential remains hidden deep down in the unconscious and we are at risk of suffering the emptiness and pain of a life that feels meaningless. Not only this, but the unconscious doesn't sit still - it tries to come out through unconscious behaviours which often can be counterproductive and cause problems.

Thus, a person with a loving heart can be afraid of getting close to others, or a brainy person might find difficulty with maths and literacy, or an innate musician might feel they must become an accountant to gain society's respect.

BodySoul programmes

These are designed to enable us to explore our buried potential and become aware of the blocks which prevent us from living a creative and full life. Then they help us release those blocks and explore potentials which seem new but, in fact, they are inborn and natural to us - they were always there.

BodySoul work holds that the mind and body are inseparable and must be worked on together for healing and growth. In BodySoul programmes we listen to our body’s symptoms, pay attention to our unfolding dreams and see where we are stuck in our lives. We provide space for what is in our unconscious to emerge through movement, voice-work, painting, journal-keeping, creative ritual and mask-making.

The safety of the sacred space created in the format of the programmes allows the healing of old wounds and the emergence of new energies. This creative approach helps us open new neural pathways, allowing us to heal old wounds and to discover our previously unlived potential in a vital and empowering way.

BodySoul as a therapy

BodySoul Therapy is rooted in the psychological ideas of Carl Gustav Jung, further developed by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, dance educator Mary Hamilton and voice coach Ann Skinner in Canada.

Aspects of the recent developments in neuroscience have been incorporated into the work as have insights from attachment theory. This focuses on the early-life connections between a child and parent or carer, and the way our basic sense of security developed, depending on the nature of that relationship.

For your interest, here's the BodySoul Europe website.

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