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Wendy Bratherton | psychotherapist
Jungian analyst
Craniosacral therapist
Cambridge UK
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Central Cambridge: Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Practice, 28 Ditton Walk, Cambridge CB5 8QE.  Click here for a map.

Can I park?
Yes, there is parking in the road or on the forecourt of the house.

Do you have facilities for those who are disabled?
It is possible to be seen in the ground floor treatment room. Please mention this when you book.

Do you work evenings and weekends?
I work Wednesdays and Thursdays only. I do not work in the evenings.

Do you have a waiting list?
Sometimes. If I have space I will see you straight away. If this is not possible then I will refer you to a colleague who does have space to see you.

What is the frequency of sessions?
The frequency of sessions is agreed at the beginning. For Craniosacral Therapy it might be weekly, fortnightly or as arranged between us. For Jungian Analysis it is usually once or twice a week. Once agreed, sessions are usually at the same time each week.

How long does a session last?
A session lasts for 50 minutes, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.  

What is the cost?
My fee for both Jungian Analysis and Craniosacral Therapy is £60 for a 50 minute session. Fees are reviewed regularly.

Do I pay for missed sessions?
Once booked, the session time is yours. If, sometimes, you need a session to be changed and there is another space I will change it. If not, then you will be charged. I do not charge for my holiday time or if I am away ill.

Are sessions confidential?
Sessions are confidential. Information will not be disclosed unless there is a need and I have  your permission. Information about your sessions is not held on any computer or digital device.

Do you tell my GP?
I usually discuss this with you at the start of our work. It may be a good idea if your GP is aware, if he/she is already involved in your treatment. I would not inform your GP without your consent.

Jungian Analysis

What can I expect from my initial consultation?
In the initial consultation you will talk with me about your presenting problem. In this session I may ask you about your early childhood and dreams that you have had, especially repetitive dreams. I may ask more questions in this session than I would normally ask. I usually find that it is a good idea to have another session a week later. This gives both of us time to digest and think about it, then to fill in any gaps and for you to ask me questions. In this session I will tell you more about myself and my way of working and we will think together about the number and timing of sessions. Even in these sessions you may gain some insights into your problem. Full information here.

Craniosacral Therapy

What happens in my first session?
Treatment sessions are conducted in a relaxing atmosphere. I will require a full medical history, and we can talk things over when we first meet. You will recieve an initial treatment, and then subsequent sessions will be agreed with you in relation to your specific needs. The session is done with you remaining fully clothed, usually with you lying down on the treatment table. I work with light, sensitive touch and no manipulations or pressures. Through my hands I may become aware of what is going on in your body. You may become aware of heat, gentle pulsations or tingling in your body, and you may feel a deep sense of relaxation. Full information here.

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28 Ditton Walk, Cambridge CB5 8QE. Tel: 0752-747 6878
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