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Wendy Bratherton | psychotherapist
Jungian analyst
Craniosacral therapist
Cambridge UK
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More about the therapies I offer

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Here's a summary of the three main therapies I work with.

Once you've figured out what might be best for you, you'll find more details
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Jungian Analysis

This is a form of psychological treatment based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung.

In a series of sessions, you and I will talk in depth about your life experiences past and present, and we will seek to uncover how your past history affects your present through unconscious connections you might be only partially aware of - such as fears. These can influence your beliefs, responses to life's situations and behaviour now, causing complications and problems.

This can cover emotional issues, anxieties, depression and mood swings, your sense of meaning in life and difficulties you might find yourself having to face.

Craniosacral Therapy

This works on the body's subtle physiology to help free up the movement of energy and craniosacral fluids around the body. These are affected by earlier events going right back to birth, which can affect your health today.

This therapy can also help with psychological and emotional questions, which themselves are often linked to physical issues.

If you have pain or things are physically not quite right, there's often a deeper dimension to it, and craniosacral therapy can help.

During a session you lie clothed on a treatment table and relax. It involves light touch and no manipulation.

BodySoul Workshops

Rooted in Carl Jung's work, further developed by analyst Marion Woodman, dance educator Mary Hamilton and voice coach Ann Skinner.

Life's impacts can have a diminishing and distorting effect, and BodySoul helps us connect deeper into ourselves and who we really are. By working with physical symptoms, dreams and life-situations, we can identify new ways of moving forward. Through movement, voice-work, painting, journal keeping and mask-making, hidden potential can emerge in these workshops and psychological wounds begin to heal.

This can help us become more whole and fulfilled, turning problems into gifts and enriching the contribution we can make to the world.

The aim is similar with all three modalities, but they provide different routes to help you move forward on your path. Which therapy is best for you depends on a number of factors, and where you stand in your life today.

  • Perhaps you sense that something is amiss but you don't know where to start - here, Jungian Analysis might be best.
  • Perhaps you have physical symptoms which might have deeper roots - here Craniosacral Therapy might be best.
  • Or perhaps neither is true, but you wish to get some clues and methods for working on yourself - in which case, BodySoul Workshops might be best. However, these are mainly for people who have already done some psychotherapy and body-work.

Read more information on this site first and, if you feel there's something for you here, get in touch to outline your situation and thoughts, and we shall proceed from there. None of these therapies is exclusive and we shall do whatever is appropriate to you. But perhaps one of these therapies will act as a good starting place and we'll proceed from there.

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